Thursday, July 01, 2004

Wow....What a day. Lot's of lessons...and it's only 10:22AM.

My day began with my wife calling me, explaining that she had a flat tire and couldn't change it on her own (the fourth in six months), and my attitude fell flat to the pit of disgust. How many times to I have to equip her with what she needs to change the tire and how many times will she fail to utilize what I have equipped her with?

But wait...what's that? What's that feeling like I've been in her shoes? Suddenly, my mind shifts to last night at Youth. I need to get into the kitchen in the Great Good Place and, once again, had to ask Ben to get me in because I didn't have the key he epuipped me with. I hated to ask him for the 1213rd time, but I had to. What a waste! Equipped and too lazy to do with what I have been equipped with. Could it be? The same lesson, only on the reverse? Exactly...Lord, thank you for this lesson. Continue to guide me, though disgusting I am.