Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Alright, so it's been a while. Angela and I got back from NY on Sunday and we've been busy! I'm working on a blogsite for the trip and it's a little cheesy right now. Check in periodically at www.uiny.blogspot.com. Here's Angela and I in front of Little Italy.

Again, more to come on the above mentioned website.

About me, things are good. PB and I are beginning to teach a chapel service for a local charter school and that should be rockin'. I'll Keep you posted.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The bride of Christ...

What a beautiful woman she is,
delightful in all her ways.

Loving the heart of the King,
pursuing with her being.

Blessing me with what she brings
and does for me.

Standing for Truth, Love, Liberty,
Angela is her name.

My wife is awesome. On Wednesday night, she gave a testimony about her cliques in high school and what a negative impact it had on her life. I watched, with my jaw on my chest, as she gave a beautiful tesimony about her Jesus. Wow. You shoud have seen it. If you did, and you know Angela at all, you know what I mean. Incredible. Jesus shined through her like light through a prism, casting beautiful glances on the faces of those witnessing. Praise be to God for a wonderful wife. Praise to the King.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

High-maintenance friend.

Unfortunately, this phrase hits home with me. Throughout my life, I have yearned to serve people and have sought their approval to help identify myself and mold me into who I am today. I have stumbled, stepped on people, and hurt my closest of friends. I have inconvenienced the people I love the most in life to the infinite degree.

I often reflect on who I am and who I have become since Christ entered my life...most of the time, I don't like what I see. I am a sinful man, fighting to keep myself pure.

My desire is to be nothing but a blessing to the Master and those I touch on this earth.

From this day on, like the others, I will continue to serve in whatever way I can, my brothers, sisters, and my Lord. May God be pleased.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I find beauty...

I find beauty in a twenty five year old youth worker, devoting her new life to enriching the lives of young christians. She stands up for truth, righteousness, and justice. If I could only choose ten to battle with me, this young woman would be near the top. Courage is her name.

I find beauty in a twenty three year old youth pastor, valiantly fighting for his young bride to be, beating back the worries of this life, while sacrificing precious time to see teenage christians become leaders. Fresh ideas and new ways of thinking are his forte. Valor is his name.

I find beauty in a thirty two year old senior youth pastor, desperatly trying to awaken a sleeping generation, offering his life to serve his Lord, his wife, his church, and his friends. This General's heart yearns for the dying, sick, and destitute, in spirit and bodily form. Honor is his name.

I find beauty in a nineteen year old young lady who recently devoted her life to pursuing the only truth that matters on this earth. Her spirit sings with joy and her smile tells the story of a loving Lord giving all for her. Freedom is her name.

I find beauty in a twenty-something husband, standing firmly behind his already strong wife, offering support of petetion, time, and love. Finding creative ways to enjoy his marraige while involving the lives of several others and providing for their needs. Endurance is his name.

I find beauty in a twenty four year old woman, battling through the life dealt to her with smiles, laughter, and dancing. Though life seems to be full of pain, she presses on, joyfully serving the Master, eagerly accepting any challenge engaged. Champion is her name.

I find beauty in a forty-something mother, leaving her family behind as she engages young people to pursue the throne of the Maker. She brings breaths of life from the days of old, leaving with us an impression of something we have missed. Benevolent is her name.

I find beauty in a twenty one year old young man, searching his way through the bright halls of ministry, constantly forced to open his eyes to the painful light, stretching his body and imagination, all the while, enjoying every provovcation to go deeper. Adventure is his name.

I find beauty in a twenty-one year old, newly married woman, developing her marraige, morals, and meaning. She lets the Word flow in her, sink deep, and allows it to apply through her life. Her skirmish is one of intense love and community. Guarded is her name.

I find beauty in an early forties mother, eagerly presenting her life and thoughts to a group of maturing followers, gracefully taking guard around what she believes and breathes. Her spirit of meekness and gentleness draws the thirsty as a moth to the Flame. Humble is her name.

I find beauty in a twenty four year old woman, aggresively combatting the lies of this world and assailing against the darkness that entangles the youth of this generation and those to come. She embraces the children of this world, saturating them with love. Sacrifice is her name.

...I find beauty in the Body.

Ever Have?

Ever have one of those days where you need to talk to someone about something that's on your heart?

Ever have one of those things on one of those days that you can't talk to anyone about because they're too close to the situation, they would take up your side and slaughter the lamb because they have a vengeance for them, your angle would be questioned due to your position, or you will hurt someone's feelings?

Ever have one of those things burn in your heart so hot that you can't handle it anymore?

Ever have one of those things on one of those days you can't talk to one of those friends about and you bring it to your Saviour?

I need one of those...

Well, I got my first buzz cut last night...ever. The excuses I'm using go something like this:
  1. Well, I knew I'd get lice someday.
  2. I lost a bet.
  3. I told her to cut it short...and she did.
  4. I wanted to see how I would look bald.
  5. I wanted a more manageable hairdo.
  6. I'm practicing for the military in case this job doesn't work out.

So here's what really happened...

The wifey and I had a little "disagreement" during a weekend outting, and due to our disagreement, I thought I'd attempt to cut my now shaggy hair myself. As I took the clippers to my head, I discovered that this wasn't a "do-it-yourselfer." I left the bowl but alone and took a shower, knowing I'd get someone to finish in a few days. Last night, I handed my wife the clippers to finish the job and I put the wrong guard on. WOOPS! That was a #2. She finished the top and blended the sides with the #2. I looked in the mirror and saw that she had missed a tuff of hair in the back so I grabbed the clippers again, taking them to my head. WHAT!? A #1? How did that guard get on there!? Woops! Long story short...One mistake can lead to another. Do the best with what you got! .