Thursday, November 18, 2004

Here she is...Miss America. Please welcome, baby Howard!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

So, when I was saved, God challenged me to contact all the young women (I say that like it was a ton) I ahd hurt in high school. One by one, I began contacting them, apologizing for being a jerk and leading them down the wrong road, and explaining what God had done in my life. One by one, the weight was lifted from my shoulders.

One other person that weighed on my mind was a young man named Bert I had tortured in high school. I made fun of how he dressed, looked, talked...just about anything. Truth was, I was dead inside, and my plight against him made me feel better. Over the past seven years, Bert has crossed my mind on hundreds of occasions. My heart burned for the opportunity to say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I had a desire to stop by his house...but didn't want to seem like a stalker. Tonight, blessed tonight, God gave me the opportunity to love on Bert. I was picking up pizza at a local place when I noticed he was walking toward his car in the same shopping plaza I was in. I hurriedly put the items in my car and ran over to him. "Bert", I exclaimed. I shot out my hand to meet his. "Robert Howard from high school." A smile crossed his beautiful face and he said, "Oh yeah, I remember you." We exchanged about 15 seconds of small talk when my heart decided to puke all of the remorse I felt for torturing his soul. I said, "Hey man, I was a jerk in high school and I need to apologize for picking on you. You were a good friend. I was sometimes just joking and sometimes I was cruel. I am really sorry. I hope you will forgive me someday." He smiled and said, "Hey man, i forgot about all of that." (Obviously lying and fighting back tears) I continued to spew my love upon him, telling him how great I think he is, how wrong I was, and how much I wish I could have been better. He said, "Man, that's alright. Don't worry about it." After a few minutes of my admitting to my foolishness, I shook his hand, told him to have a great night, and walked away.

God is good. God is great! What a burden from my shoulders. The night of providence. Bert, if you ever read this...I love you, I love you, I love you. Be who you are. Don't let people like me put you down. You are beautiful. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Bless you. And thank you Jesus. I love you, too.