Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Look at your life...are you who you want to be?"

These are the lyrics of a popular Christian song's chorus. I always heard this song and never listened to the lyrics. One morning, on my way to work, I actually listened to the lyrics and I was overwhelmed with my answer to I'm not who I want to be. I am still a rotten sinner, stuck in a rut of mild ferver. On my way back....

Friday, December 10, 2004

"That's why nobody likes you..."

Why are we always concerned with being liked? Okay, maybe you're the one sane person out of us all...but maybe you can identify. There is something deep within me that likes people to like me. I used to go to major extremes to have people like me.

Today, I began my day with a conflict. My Lead (Subordinate) was gone for the day so I gladly took up his reins for the day. On the way to my cubical, I stopped in to see what an employee was doing on his computer. (There had been concerns about people within the department) When I looked at the screen, I saw him feverishly playing an internet bowling game...not doing his job. I said with a smile, "Man, I hope you're not on the clock." In defense, he began attacking my question. I then looked at the clock and he said, "I am clocking in now." I went about my business. Later, this person came into my cubical attacking my character and management styles. He went on about how he had managers in the past and a good manager is liked by his employees. (Not True) He then said, "That's why nobody here likes you." I then explained to this man that my job was to make the company money through productivity of our department. I ended the conversation with, "I will do my do yours."

The part that stuck with me, mostly because it seems true, is that no one enjoys my checking in on them. I do my part to make sure they do their job. They want a Clay Aiken mommy's boy to read them a nap time story and give them milk and cookies. They don't want a man to challenge their work ethic and make them be productive. A friend put it this way..."They don't like you like they don't like their consciences." Very good. True. I just can't help, however, to want to be part of the nucleus...inside the Body and out. One day, I will find my place. Until then, I will roam.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The following is an excerpt from a book titled "the RADICAL REFORMISSION" written by Pastor Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill Church, Seattle. ( One of my dearest heroes)

"As long as Christians fail to repent of self-righteousness, we will continue to speak of evangelism in terms such as outreach, which implies we will not embrace lost people but will keep them at least an arm's length away. Unrepentant self-righteousness also permits us to justify our sin by viewing ourselves as "clean" and others as "dirty," which then causes us to avoid others in an effort to remain untainted. Repentance enables us to kneel humbly with fellow sinners at the foot of the cross so they can see Jesus without our pride rising up to encumber their view.

Self-righteousness has so seeped into American Christianity that being a missionary to one's neighbors is easily overlooked becuase of the sickness of our faith. How sick are we when the most popular books among American Christians are about how to ge blessed by praying a small section of Old Testament Scripture like a pagan mantra, and about the Rapture, as if the goal of the Christian life were to get more junk and leave this trailer park of a plantet before God's tornado touches down on all the sinners? Only through repentant eyes will we see that God has a plan, by the power of the gospel of grace, to build a community of transformed people."

As I read this, my spirit said, "AMEN!". What a powerful statement.