Monday, February 28, 2005


4 more weeks and Papa is ready. I can't wait. Life has been sooooo crazy lately. Please keep Angela and I in your prayers. We need them. God is good. God is great.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Are you ready for the Trinity ReVoLuTiOn?

In T-51 days, a little girl is about to rock my world. Am I ready? Only God knows what's ahead. She is in His hands. "Boy your life is about to change" snicker people who don't know me any better. "Fantanstic," my heart sings. "It's about time".

I am ready to be a daddy. I am ready to have hugs from a beautiful Princess, the Daughter of the King, only better than the one's I get from Savannah because she's mine. My little misses. Mi mija. Are you ready for another Howard?

As I look around,

I see You.

Reminding me that

You will always be True.

May I follow you

All of my days,

In all of Your ways.

May You be blessed and glorifed.

--You know who.