Monday, October 27, 2008

Last night, we were watching ABC's Extreme Home Makeover like we do every Sunday and it featured a Christian family. The youngest son, Job, is battling leukemia and diabetes and is in pretty bad shape for a 10 year-old. During the episode, the family was singing with Mark Scholtz and it made Job "feel better". After the song, my oldest daughter Trinity sincerely said, "Daddy, let's sing a song so that he will feel better." It took me a couple seconds to put two and two together and I said..."Well, I don't know if that would make him feel better but we can pray for him." So, without hesitation, Trinity broke out in a beautiful prayer asking Jesus to make him feel better.

Jesus, I am blessed and honored that you have chosen me to raise these two daughters of yours. Please continue to grow in them and bear much fruit through their lives so that you may be glorified.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jesus speaks through a Starbucks cup?

The Way I see It #296:

By the time executives get married,
Take on a mortgage, raise kids, cope
with the crabgrass, climb the
corporate ladder, do their best to
manage career pressures, build
their net worth and get into their
40's, they've lost touch with what
they believe in and care about most

--Allan Cox
CEO coach and author of
Your Inner CEO: Unleash the
Executive Withing.