Monday, January 12, 2009

Another battle amongst the war in the soul...

There is a constant battle raging between my flesh and the Spirit. From lust to pride to gluttony...there's always a battle.

The latest battle that has been waged in my soul is the war of my spirit against the flesh when it comes to ministry. Recently, A and I have taken over the high school group at Amadeo whereas M&B S are leading the jr. high. My flesh says that this group should be a high glitz and glam, all about the event to event type of youth ministry that I have seen many "larger" churches run. However...the youth at Amadeo are being called to something different. Our youth are being called to a depth in the word and knowledge in Christ. Our youth are being called to a deep, deep passion and relationship with Jesus. This fact has been hard for me to process through. Honestly, I'm still not sure how this is going to look...but I give it to you Jesus. Will you give us youth that yearn after you? Will you give us youth that lead the group? Will you give us youth that will lead their parents to your throne? Thank you Jesus. Thank you.


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