Monday, January 12, 2009 I AM that soccer dad.

Last Saturday, Trinity started soccer. She's playing in a 3-4 year old league and it is hilarious. Kids run around, kicking the ball here and there, and score every once in a great while. Score isn't kept so the kids can just get the feel of the game. However, if the other parents are like me...we don't need a scoreboard to keep score...we can do just fine by ourselves! 3 to 1. That was the score on Saturday. Unfortunately, the T-Rex's, Trinity's team, did not find themselves on top this time.

Trinity did great! I know that every parent thinks that their kid is the best...but Trinity did great! On the first dribble down, while some of her teamates were crying and running off of the field, Trinity dribbled the ball down the field and scored! My little Trinity...3 and a half...schooling the Orange suited opposing boys in how to score.

She was the star. And I am very proud of her. I found myself jumping for joy and screaming in my mind as she ran down the field. I had to try very hard not to be "that" soccer dad...though I don't believe I succeeded. I also kept telling Trinity very calmly how great I thought she did...though found myself trying not to letter her think that my love for her is only when she does well. I would be proud no matter what happened. I love you Trinity. You are amazing.


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