Monday, February 02, 2009

I was listening to a family ministry podcast today and the topic was Christian film making. In the segment, the interviewees discussed how great it was to go to work and find scripture stapled to your socks, prayer before work and during work when things were tough. I asked, "Why couldn't that happen here, Lord." In MY workplace I asked. I thought, How great would it be to start your work with prayer as a team and live in a world where EVERYONE sought after God and His heart and will above their own. My mind then raced to how we would get there...and I don't think the answer is good at this point. You see, I've never been the "doomsday" Christian that insists Jesus is coming back after hell on earth...but I found my mind confirming the thought that it is going to take hell-like trials to get folks to turn to Christ...and then I found my prayers for Jesus to make our world a place that ALL folks sought him ceasing immediately. I am afraid to pray the words "Whatever it takes, Lord."...because I know stubborn America will need a huge shaking in order for that to happen. I'm fearfully asking for You to draw us to you Jesus. Thank you for your mercy and grace.


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